Japanese Scented Candles (By Luxury Spa-US)

- Jasmine Flower Tea - The Intoxicatingly Beautiful Fragrance of White Jasmine Flowers, in an Antique Ivory Color.

-Fresh Ginger Tea - Clean fresh-cut Ginger, with subtle exotic spice notes, in a Golden Ginger Color.

- Japanese Green Tea - Soothing and Calming, Intriguing, with hints of Fresh Green and Citrus, in a Soft Celadon Green Color.

- Five Spice Tea - A blend of Five Exotic Spices, warm and seductive, in a rich Sable Brown Color.

- Apricot Fruit Tea - Luscious ripe Apricot Fruits with a hint of Black Tea, in a rich Cinnabar Rust Color.

- Mandarin Orange Tea - The sweet tangy essence of Tangerines and Oranges with a hint of Grapefruitl, in a deep Lacquer Red Color.

- Blackberry Sage Tea - Delicious, Sensual Berries with just a hint of Sage in a Deep Merlot Wine Color.

- Ginger - Ginger has been produced since ancient times, with references to it appearing in the shipping records of the ancient Romans. Native to the South Pacific, ginger was thought to possess magic powers and was one of the key ingredients in producing love spells. It was also used on certain islands to stop stormy seas, cure illness, and mend broken hearts. Because it is warming to the body and senses, it is said that eating or smelling ginger will make one brave in love and attractive to the object of his or her desires.